When I was in university, I took a course called  Theatre Arts 101. What amazed me about the professor was that he knew why.  He told us we were there to construct knowledge. He wanted us to experience what it was like to be in the audience. And I don’t mean watching a performance, I… Read More We

I Am Right Here

Sketchnote by @andCreative It’s the landing pad for all of life’s work.  It all piles up where the magic happens and where it all comes together.  Everything migrates here automatically. This is Kelly referring to the dining room table.  Only Kelly could turn something I detest into magic.  We are in a house where the… Read More I Am Right Here


Creativity has been an elusive magic potion for me and my thoughts about learning for, well, ever.  I’m literally giddy about the possibility of measuring, extending and challenging student growth in creativity as a competency in our classrooms.  The immense generosity of one Grade 7/8 teacher has allowed me to explore it … in beta.… Read More Untitled