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Welcoming Uncertainty, Thinking Differently

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What happens when we are truly open to uncertainty and to not knowing? To learn, to be changed and to think differently we have to welcome others to the space between. Deep learning requires us to listen with empathy, not only to our co-learners but to ourselves.This space between is where we listen to our own stories and to the stories of others. The moment when you are changed for having listened, when you feel that gut check and spiral back around to something you’ve heard before but didn’t quite feel it in your heart, you learn. The Beast is a conversation about learning for the critical thinking educator, the open-minded leader, and the curious. Andrea Kerr and Kelly Mackay, Coordinators and authors of, have been inspired to think about what it really means to learn with big ears and guts out. We are asking questions, seeking feedback, and pursuing your perspective.

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